On the June’s Statistics

Another month gone, which means a month’s worth of statistics to delve into. What were the hot topics at allyngibson.net for the month of June? Let’s look first at search phrases: beatles remasters 2009 (109) dr who lego (75) anakin skywalker’s father (47) lego dr who (35) the beatles remasters 2009 (29) abducted by theContinue reading “On the June’s Statistics”

On April’s Statistics

It’s a dreary day, I have laundry in the washing machine, and I’m in a writing-avoidance mode. Which is as good an excuse as any to discuss what people were interested in from me for the month of April. 😉 Some jiggery and pokery with Analog accomplished, here’s what we’ve got. The top search phrasesContinue reading “On April’s Statistics”

On the Joys of Comment Spammery

The worst part about keeping a blog is the comment spam. Spam is a fact of life online. Junk e-mail is a bane of existence. But the worst thing of all is comment spam. Comment spam works like this. Someone posts a comment in your blog advertising something. It could be a weight loss program.Continue reading “On the Joys of Comment Spammery”

On the Things People Look For

I love the Internet. I love how it can resurrect old things I’ve written, like a reanimated corpse. There’s seven years worth of my blatherings here. Google knows them all. Over the weekend, two major hits stood out. A televised broadcast of Attack of the Clones no doubt prompted the hits on my theory aboutContinue reading “On the Things People Look For”

On the Latest Blog Stats

You can tell I’m a baseball fan; I love statistics. I don’t always know what to do with them, I’m always reminded of Mark Twain’s “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics,” and sometimes I can get really squirrelly with stats. Numbers, hard data — these are fun things, even if they’re completely meaningless and,Continue reading “On the Latest Blog Stats”