Raffles in the World of Sherlock

Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat has said recently that Matt Smith, former Doctor Who star, could appear in Sherlock, if it were the “perfect part.” What could that “perfect part” be? My first thought was Stanley Hopkins, the best of the Scotland Yard inspectors and the one closest to Holmes in intellect. What if Sherlock hadContinue reading “Raffles in the World of Sherlock”

The Uselessness of Fan Rage Over Doctor Who’s “Time of the Doctor”

A few days ago, the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who ended in “The Time of the Doctor.” Some people loved it. Some people hated it. And some people responded by calling for producer Steven Moffat’s head on a pike on Traitor’s Row. I had no expectations for it, but that’s because I ceased expectingContinue reading “The Uselessness of Fan Rage Over Doctor Who’s “Time of the Doctor””

Thoughts on the Sherlock Minisode, “Many Happy Returns”

A week from now, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ Sherlock returns to BBC 1 after a two year absence. Just as Moffat has done Doctor Who minisodes to tease upcoming seasons and specials, he’s done a Sherlock minisode, “Many Happy Returns,” to tease the new season. I watched it. I grinned through it. From aContinue reading “Thoughts on the Sherlock Minisode, “Many Happy Returns””

The Deemphasis of Doctor Who Novels

A few days ago on Gallifrey Base, there was some discussion about the deemphasis of Doctor Who novels in the marketplace in the past two years. Wait, I should qualify that. There has been a great deal of Doctor Who prose published in the past two years, but it’s been a different kind of proseContinue reading “The Deemphasis of Doctor Who Novels”

Two Doctor Who Thoughts

Two quick things. First, the more I see of Matt Smith and David Tennant together, the more I really wish the “two Doctors” series idea Matt pitched to Steven Moffat had come to pass. They have such brilliant chemistry together. They’re both goofy, but in entirely different (and complementary) ways. And second, I would reallyContinue reading “Two Doctor Who Thoughts”

Thoughts on “The Day of the Doctor”

Years ago, a little more than a decade now, EB Games put me and thirty-odd other managers through a pilot management training program. Our instructor was a man by the name of Harry Friedman. He had created a sales management training program, and EB wanted to see if it would work for the company. IContinue reading “Thoughts on “The Day of the Doctor””

The Year of Two Doctors

The Radio Times had a curious article this morning. As we know, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who at Christmas, to be replaced by Peter Capaldi (The Thick of It). It turns out that Smith had a plan to continue with the series, and it turns out Steven Moffat said no. Matt Smith had workedContinue reading “The Year of Two Doctors”

Steven Moffat and the Difficult Second Album Theory

A band will come out with a kick-ass debut album. Acclaimed, inventive, groundbreaking. Then they come out with a second album, and it’s… well, it’s disappointing. Some of it feels like a retread of what worked before. Some of it is unique, but it’s not as well thought out as the original album was. (MumfordContinue reading “Steven Moffat and the Difficult Second Album Theory”

Madame Vastra and Doctor Who Spin-Offs

After last night’s Doctor Who, the clamor for a spin-off series starring Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax the Sontaran has resumed. We met these characters in the sixth season in “A Good Man Goes to War.” Vastra is a Silurian who was awoken from her aeons-long slumber in Victorian London and set herself up aContinue reading “Madame Vastra and Doctor Who Spin-Offs”

On Doctor Who Casting News

The news has broken on casting for November’s Doctor Who anniversary special — in addition to John Hurt, the special will also guest star David Tennant and Billie Piper. Fandom, naturally, is sharply divided. There is wailing that there’s no Eccleston from the new series. Classic Doctor Who fans are wailing that the pre-new seriesContinue reading “On Doctor Who Casting News”