The Looming Schism in Methodism

This week, the United Methodist Church held a special conference to address the issue of what to do about same-sex marriage and gay clergy. And, after not dealing with these issues, exactly as they’ve done at the past several (quadrennial?) General Conferences, the UMC has decided, once again, to do nothing. Same-sex couples cannot beContinue reading “The Looming Schism in Methodism”

Adventures in the Shoe Trade

When I was in college, I worked for Payless ShoeSource. Payless wasn’t my first job — that was a comic book shop — and as jobs went, it was fine. I had just moved to Lynchburg, Virginia. I was at the mall one day, saw Payless was having a job fair because they were openingContinue reading “Adventures in the Shoe Trade”

My Farpoint 2019 Schedule

The Farpoint convention is this weekend in Hunt Valley, Maryland. The headlining guests are Wallace Shawn (My Dinner with Andre, The Princess Bride), Maurice Lamarche (Pinky & the Brain, International Talk Like William Shatner Day), and Rob Paulsen (Pinky & the Brain). I will also be there, as I’ve been ever year since 2006, andContinue reading “My Farpoint 2019 Schedule”

A Potential Genealogical Discovery

I found something interesting yesterday, a reference to my great-grandfather in one of Baltimore’s German language newspapers, Der Deutsche Correspondent, on December 1, 1899. Der Deutsche Correspondent was Baltimore’s daily German newspaper, and it was published for nearly eighty years, from the early 1840s to 1918. It reads (translated thanks to Google): Marriage LicensesMarriage licensesContinue reading “A Potential Genealogical Discovery”

Bailing on Shamrock Fest

Yesterday, Shamrock Fest announced their 2019 line-up. For me, it didn’t really matter; I’d already decided against attending this year. I was already leaning against attending — Carbon Leaf announced last month part of their 2019 touring schedule, and they had already booked a show on March 23rd that was not at RFK Stadium —Continue reading “Bailing on Shamrock Fest”

Three Holiday Moments

Throughout 2019, I plan on making use of Life Captured‘s journaling prompts to supplement my blogging. I’d learned of them through a Lifehacker article over the summer, I found them interesting, and I kept the idea in the back of my mind. I may not keep up with them every day, or I may haveContinue reading “Three Holiday Moments”

Arsene Lupin vs. Herlock Sholmes

Over the last several months, Standard Ebooks has released nicely made, free ebooks of the Holmes canon, except only The Casebook because it’s not in the public domain yet in the United States. They’ve also released several books of Maurice Leblanc’s Arsène Lupin, gentleman burglar, and since I was unfamiliar with the character (save forContinue reading “Arsene Lupin vs. Herlock Sholmes”