A Night with Roy Orbison

Earlier in the year WITF, during one of their pledge drives, showed Roy Orbison: A Black & White Night, a concert film shot, obviously, in black and white, that was filmed in September 1987. Orbison’s backing band that night consisted of Elvis’ backing band, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, and Bruce Springsteen, while his backing singersContinue reading “A Night with Roy Orbison”

Coldplay: Kaleidoscope

I’m underwhelmed by Coldplay’s new Kaleidoscope EP. A companion, I suppose, to A Head Full of Dreams, Kaleidoscope comprises five songs that feel like odds and ends the band had around, rather than a proper album. The opening track, “All I Can Think About Is You,” is pretty good, though it seems to have beenContinue reading “Coldplay: Kaleidoscope”

The Beatles Christmas Records

This afternoon at work I listened to the Beatles’ Christmas records. These have never been officially released, so I had to resort to bootleg mp3s. (They’re also on Youtube.) These Christmas records were produced for the official Beatles fan club, and they were issued between 1963 and 1969. Each record ran about six minutes long,Continue reading “The Beatles Christmas Records”

Classical Music and the Personal Need for Culture

Sunday afternoon I listened to the Philadelphia Orchestra on Temple University’s WRTI. (They have a repeater here in York, and overnight it’s a jazz radio station instead of classical.) I sat in my living room, my Christmas tree plugged in, a cup of tea in hand, and listened to a number of Tchaikovsky pieces, concludingContinue reading “Classical Music and the Personal Need for Culture”

A Day at the Celtic Craic

Friday afternoon I decided to attend the Celtic Craic Music Fest in Harrisburg on Saturday. The last few weeks at work have been nothing but Crunch, and the next few look to be nothing but Crunch, and you can make the argument that work in general into the distant past is nothing but Crunch andContinue reading “A Day at the Celtic Craic”

On the Eve of Garrison Keillor’s Final Prairie Home Companion

Tonight, Garrison Keillor is recording his final A Prairie Home Companion, to be broadcast tomorrow night in its regular time slot. There’s a certain sadness to this. My parents have listened to A Prairie Home Companion for decades, and I seem to recall that they went to a live show in the early 90s. IContinue reading “On the Eve of Garrison Keillor’s Final Prairie Home Companion”