On the Origins of Trifling Knowledge

I had long admired Holmes’ ability to distinguish the varieties of cigarette ash by sight, but it was not until the affair of Lord Bassington’s manservant that I questioned the origins of Holmes’ knowledge. “Personal experience,” said he.  “What may seem as trivial knowledge began, absent noble reasons, in my university days with the searchContinue reading “On the Origins of Trifling Knowledge”

A Fractional Consultation

A series of arsons throughout the city had all London aghast. Inspector Hopkins of the Yard believed they held a common thread and he came to our Baker Street rooms one evening to consult with Holmes. Hopkins withdrew from his jacket pocket a sheet of folded paper and passed it to Holmes. “This was foundContinue reading “A Fractional Consultation”


From:� Satie, Norah, Rear Admiral To:� Picard, Jean-Luc, Captain In light of recent actions undertaken by yourself and the Time Lord known as the Doctor on stardate 37141.5 in halting and destroying the Krynoid foliage overrunning the Berengaria VII colony, you are hereby authorized for detached assignment aboard the Doctor’s craft known as the TARDIS,Continue reading “Orders”

Reflections on a Case

Occupied as I was with my medical practice, I saw little of Sherlock Holmes in the spring of 1890, though the papers were filled with tales of his exploits, particularly in the case of Lady Violet Churchill. “A dark affair,” said Holmes to me one evening. “Robbery, was it not?” “Blackmail, Watson! The lady hadContinue reading “Reflections on a Case”

Comparative Religions

Shortly after Merlin’s arrival in Camelot, he asked Gaius to explain the differences between the “Old Religion” and the religion practiced by the king — Christianity. This proved a mistake.  Gaius droned on for hours, only embaffling Merlin with excessive detail. Merlin considered asking Prince Arthur the next day, then decided his curiosity would promptContinue reading “Comparative Religions”

After Reichenbach

I had been not long returned from Switzerland when, one afternoon after making my rounds, my travels brought me by Holmes’ old lodgings in Baker Street. Mrs. Hudson, our former landlady, greeted me warmly and we spoke for some time. “I began to tidy up his things,” said she, “until a telegram arrived from hisContinue reading “After Reichenbach”

Between Planets

“Collision alert!” the Doctor shouted above the din of alarms. The TARDIS lurched.  Nyssa clutched the console, attempting to steady herself. The Doctor, somehow, stood fixed, his hands flying across the controls the bring the ship safely from the vortex. “Collision?  With what?  Where are we, Doctor?” “Earth’s solar system, somewhere between Earth and Mars. Continue reading “Between Planets”

The Vault

“We’ve identified one of the bodies.” Elizabeth Shelby looked skeptical.  “Which one?” Artifacts collected across the galaxy over the past two centuries crowded every alcove.  At the far end stood three cryogenic tubes.  Frozen within were the bodies of three things, once intelligent beings now turned into something else, inhuman and cybernetic — Borg. “TheContinue reading “The Vault”