On Star Trek Vs. Batman

I downloaded the trailer for a new fanfilm, Star Trek Vs. Batman, from Rasco Films. The trailer is short, about a minute long, and shows actors recreating the ’60s Batman television series running around with actors recreating the ’60s Star Trek series. The Kirk actor doesn’t look quite right, the Spock actor is clearly wearingContinue reading “On Star Trek Vs. Batman”

On The Batman Cereal

Grocery store yesterday, buying lunch meat for dinner. I need breakfast cereal–I’d finished my box of Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp that morning. I don’t recommend the Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp, but that’s a story for another time. What do my eyes spy, but a cereal box with Batman on the front. The Batman cereal, LimitedContinue reading “On The Batman Cereal”

On Batman Begins

Jesus Fucking Christ. Go see Batman Begins. It’s not just a good comic-book movie. It’s a good movie, period. I won’t say much about the film, because there’s a surprise in the film that had I known about going in I’d have hated myself for knowing. The performances, all save Katie Holmes, were top-notch, withContinue reading “On Batman Begins”

On Stately Wayne Manor

As a kid I loved watching the Adam West Batman television series. In retrospect it wasn’t the best way to experience Batman–it didn’t take the character or his universe seriously. But it was loud, crass, and colorful, all of which appealed to this young child. And I loved how the show named things. Bruce WayneContinue reading “On Stately Wayne Manor”

The Birds of Prey Premiere

The first episode of Birds of Prey was interesting. The plot didn’t hang together all that well, and I’m leery of some of the changes made to the characters, settings, etc. I’ve no complaints with Oracle, and I liked the nod toward Earth-2 continuity with Helena Wayne, erm, Kyle, even if the angst she hadContinue reading “The Birds of Prey Premiere”