On Mistaken Names

I watched on MASN2 this afternoon two of the lowliest teams in baseball — the Washington Nationals and the Pittsburgh Pirates. I consider the Nats my “local team.” I think this is common amongst football fans (and by “football fans” I mean “soccer fans”), where there’s a top tier squad that one roots for, andContinue reading “On Mistaken Names”

On the Reach of International Law

If President Obama’s administration is unwilling to commission a Truth Commission to investigate the crimes and moral failures of the Bush administration and bring the actors who authorized torture to justice, that’s okay. The Spanish are more than willing to make up for our lapse. And the Brits, too. Spain’s national newspapers, El País andContinue reading “On the Reach of International Law”

On Alberto Gonzales’ Next Job

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has a problem — he can’t find a job. He blames a “tough economy.” If law firms aren’t hiring, maybe Gonzales should look to other venues and employment opportunities. Maybe he should think about a career change. What about Professional Hellboy Impersonator? He could get done up in red greaseContinue reading “On Alberto Gonzales’ Next Job”

On Alberto Gonzales’ Resignation

And Alberto Gonzales throws in the towel. I’ve been wanting the asshole to resign for a while now. Why it took him four months to get the message, I couldn’t tell you. His lies are legion. His crimes are unknown. It may take a decade to extract his stench from the halls of the JusticeContinue reading “On Alberto Gonzales’ Resignation”

On Sending Gonzales the Constitution

Several weeks ago I received an e-mail from the John Edwards campaign asking for signatures for a petition they wanted to send to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. What sort of petition? They wanted to send him a ginormous copy of the United States Constitution. Because, clearly, Gonzales had never read it. As long-time readers knowContinue reading “On Sending Gonzales the Constitution”

On Getting Rid of Gonzales

On Monday I received an e-mail—as I often do—from John Edwards’ presidential campaign. They were putting together a petition to send to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and they wanted signatures. But it wasn’t an ordinary petition. The petition would come on a copy of the United States Constitution. For each signature, the Edwards campaign wouldContinue reading “On Getting Rid of Gonzales”

More on Alberto Gonzales

I love the NPR news quizshow Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. They offered the best explanation yet for Alberto Gonzales’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. (And I’m paraphrasing from memory here.) “Alberto Gonzales blacks out. His body is taken over by an evil spirit who fires US Attorneys, lies before Congress andContinue reading “More on Alberto Gonzales”

On Alberto Gonzales

Dear Mr. Gonzales: It’s time for you to go. You’ve lost Republican Senators. You’ve lost the New York Times. When their editorial page writes: If Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had gone to the Senate yesterday to convince the world that he ought to be fired, it’s hard to imagine how he could have done aContinue reading “On Alberto Gonzales”