Did Elementary Influence Late-Period Sherlock?

Yesterday, Elizabeth Sandifer posted an essay on Sherlock‘s 2016 Christmas special, “The Abominable Bride,” on the Eruditorum Press blog. One issue raised in her essay is the sudden interest in Sherlock in Sherlock Holmes’ drug addiction, an element of the Arthur Conan Doyle canon that Sherlock hadn’t dealt with. What follows is a comment IContinue reading “Did Elementary Influence Late-Period Sherlock?”

An Irish Weekend

Over the weekend, I went to the Annapolis Irish Festival, an annual event held near Annapolis in mid-July. This year, the scheduling caused some agony as the festival coincided with Shore Leave‘s weekend, back in July for the first time in a hemidecade, and Carbon Leaf, who are taking a sabbatical year, were playing aContinue reading “An Irish Weekend”

Elementary: Kitty Winter, Sherlock Holmes, and “The One That Got Away”

I keep thinking about last night’s Elementary, “The One That Got Away.” In the third season of Elementary, Sherlock Holmes took on a new partner, Kitty Winter, while Watson struck out on her own as a private investigator. So as not to break the format too much, Holmes and Watson both consulted with the NYPD,Continue reading “Elementary: Kitty Winter, Sherlock Holmes, and “The One That Got Away””

The AV Club Weighs In on the “Elementary vs. Sherlock” Question

The Onion‘s AV Club has posted an insightful and nuanced take on Elementary and Sherlock in comparison to each other. Though I try not to compare the two series (because they really are different things with different aims), I find myself in agreement with a lot of it, frankly; I keep wondering how Sherlock‘s castContinue reading “The AV Club Weighs In on the “Elementary vs. Sherlock” Question”

The Problem of Mycroft

A quick thought on last night’s Elementary. Specifically, the final scene with Mycroft as portrayed by Rhys Ifans. I really like Ifans. I’ve watched and enjoyed a film I was certain I wouldn’t like — Anonymous — purely because of Ifans. I think he has great rapport with Johnny Lee Miller. I have absolutely noContinue reading “The Problem of Mycroft”

My Philcon 2013 Schedule

This weekend is Philcon, a science-fiction convention held annually in the Philadelphia area. This year, like recent years, it’s being held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. And this year, like recent years, I’ll be at the convention and participating on panels. For those attending, here’s what my schedule this weekend looks like: Saturday MOFFAT ONContinue reading “My Philcon 2013 Schedule”

On Sherlock Holmes and Swapping Scripts

As people who follow me on Twitter know, I watch Elementary, CBS’s “Sherlock Holmes in present day New York City” series. I’ve gone from liking it (and calling it “House with murders”) to really enjoying it. There are people who won’t watch it because they think it’s a Sherlock rip-off or because they cast LucyContinue reading “On Sherlock Holmes and Swapping Scripts”