Midnight in Pennsylvania

At midnight, my neighbors started shooting off guns. I assume it was neighbors. Maybe not my direct neighbors, but someone in the area. Maybe on the other side of the hill. The point is, someone right nearby started off the new year in style, with small arms fire. For myself, I’d been watching episodes ofContinue reading “Midnight in Pennsylvania”

On an American Equivalent to the Eurovision Contest

Saturday afternoon, my Twitter stream was filled with tweets on the Eurovision contest. My only direct experience with the Eurovision contest is Father Ted‘s “A Song for Europe,” in which Ted and Dougal write an abominable song, “My Lovely Horse.” The idea of the Eurovision contest, as I understand it, is that the various countriesContinue reading “On an American Equivalent to the Eurovision Contest”

On Watching Father Ted

Last night, I worked on Christmas cards. I needed some background noise. So I put in Father Ted. Here’s the set-up for people who haven’t heard of it. Father Ted was a mid-90s Irish sitcom about three Catholic priests who ministered to a small island off the coast of Ireland, Craggy Isle. The episodes revolvedContinue reading “On Watching Father Ted”

On Answering the Television Meme

A few days ago I posted a television meme; I’d name off seven television series, and my readers could guess who my favorite characters were from those series. Well, that didn’t generate a lot of response. :p The five that weren’t guessed: AnimaniacsThis one was mildly tricksey. It’s Pinky, of Pinky & the Brain fame.Continue reading “On Answering the Television Meme”