Finding Beauty in Sorrow

In March. when the world was shutting down in the face of COVID-19, Elbow announced two things. First, they were postponing their upcoming live shows due to the pandemic. Sad, but not unexpected, and not something that affected me directly, as the band hadn’t announced an east coast tour. Second, they were releasing a newContinue reading “Finding Beauty in Sorrow”

The #elbowrooms Sessions

This week, Elbow released a new live album. Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the band has cancelled their live dates for this spring and summer, so they’ve been posting videos on YouTube of the band, separately, playing some of their songs from home, the #elbowrooms sessions. These aren’t polished, there are occasional fluffs, butContinue reading “The #elbowrooms Sessions”

Party of Eight

This year I’ll be spending Thanksgiving by myself. I don’t have family nearby, and publishing doesn’t stop just because there’s a holiday; Friday I’ll be hip deep in getting January’s catalog out the door, long-distance travel to see family (only to have to turn around) simply doesn’t make sense. Don’t worry about me. I haveContinue reading “Party of Eight”

On Seeing Elbow in Washington, DC

Thursday I went to DC to see Elbow. Elbow, as long-time Allynologists know, is the Mancunian band that I really groove to, and they’re a band that I push on all my friends. Despite being something of a big deal in the UK, the band has never broken the American market; they play festivals andContinue reading “On Seeing Elbow in Washington, DC”

On Pondering Elbow and Atheism

Here’s a question. Is Guy Garvey (or someone else from Elbow) an atheist? I love Elbow, as long time readers of this blog know. (For previous posts on the subject, click here.) What brought this question to mind — what are the religious proclivities of the Mancunian five? — was my recent and ongoing searchContinue reading “On Pondering Elbow and Atheism”

On Downloading Elbow’s New Single

The spring of Elbow has begun. “Neat Little Rows,” the first single from Build a Rocket, Boys! released today. And, like a crack-addicted monkey, I had to download the song. Oh, I’ve seen the video the band released in January: I’ve even used some audio jiggery-pokery to get a listenable mp3 from the video’s audioContinue reading “On Downloading Elbow’s New Single”

On Elbow, Live at Abbey Road

Yesterday, it came in the mail. Elbow and the BBC Concert Orchestra. The Seldom Seen Kid Live at Abbey Road. For two months I’ve been wanting this, the live recording of the entirety of their Mercury Prize-winning fourth album, backed by the BBC Concert Orchestra and a concert choir. From the moment I heard theyContinue reading “On Elbow, Live at Abbey Road”