LEGOing Up a Webcam Tower

A few months ago at work, I built a LEGO stand for my webcam. I’d bought the camera at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. It was supposed to clip onto the monitor, but I have a curved superwide monitor at the office and the clip, while well-intentioned, wouldn’t attach to that. I had to come up withContinue reading “LEGOing Up a Webcam Tower”

The Sandlot

With the affiliated minor league baseball season cancelled — and, in Pennsylvania, the unaffiliated season, too — my local baseball teams have been having non-baseball activities, including movie nights on the weekends. Sit in the outfield, socially distance, watch a film on the video board. I’ve not done one of these, though I was mildlyContinue reading “The Sandlot”

Washington’s Other Baseball Team, the Grays

Last night, the Washington Nationals played in the franchise’s first World Series game — and Washington, DC’s first World Series game since 1933. The Nationals lost to the Astros, 4-1, and now have a 2-1 lead in the best of 7 series. In the last few days, Washington media outlets have taken pains to noteContinue reading “Washington’s Other Baseball Team, the Grays”