On Recommending Star Trek Fiction

Unless you’ve been living under a rock — or living in abject denial — you probably know that there’s a new Star Trek movie opening nationwide tomorrow. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, the 23rd-century, boldly going, all that jazz. Don’t ruin it for me. I won’t see it until maybe Sunday. I got to thinking. Let’s suppose … Continue reading On Recommending Star Trek Fiction

On a Sad Discovery

I made a shocking discovery yesterday — Constellations has been remaindered. Imagine Anakin Skywalker as he’s awoken, encased in Darth Vader’s environment suit. Imagine his scream of “Nooooooooo!” Yeah. I can’t complain, really. I’ve signed a lot of copies. The book’s gone through four printings at least. That Constellations would turn up remaindered somewhere was … Continue reading On a Sad Discovery

On Narrative Conventions

About a week ago the Washington Post ran a feature article on Michael Ondaatje, author of The English Patient. He’s released a new novel, Divisadero, and the article examines Ondaatje’s working methods: He begins with fragmentary images or situations — a plane crashing in the desert, say, or a bedridden man talking to a nurse … Continue reading On Narrative Conventions

On Annotations

In the spirit of annotations for Star Trek novels such as David Mack’s Harbinger, Keith DeCandido’s Articles of the Federation, and Steve Mollmann & Michael Schuster’s The Future Begins, I have compiled and posted annotations for Star Trek: Constellations, the anniversary Star Trek anthology of which I am a part. Not all of the anthology’s … Continue reading On Annotations

On "Make-Believe"

Constellations, Pocket Books’ anthology celebrating Star Trek‘s 40th-anniversary, has begun appearing in bookstores and shipping from online vendors. My contribution to the volume, “Make-Believe,” closes out the book. When an Enterprise shuttle crashlands on an alien planet, to what ends will Captain Kirk go to find his men? Why is the welfare of his crew … Continue reading On "Make-Believe"

Still More on Constellations

I’d thought I’d posted my last pre-release posting on Constellations, the 40th-anniversary Star Trek anthology, two weeks ago with the announcement of the anthology’s contents and running order. I’d thought, at the time, that my next posting would be a comments-thread for “Make-Believe,” my story in the volume. But no! There’s more pre-release news. From … Continue reading Still More on Constellations