A Nice Evening for Baseball

Tuesday night after work I went to a college baseball game. The Baltimore Redbirds, the team in the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League, I followed for the last three seasons folded after last season, but the same field the Redbirds used, Carlo Crispino Stadium at Calvert Hall High School in Towson, is used for teamsContinue reading “A Nice Evening for Baseball”

A League of Her Own

Tuesday night, I saw a woman pitch in a baseball game! It was deadline week at work, perhaps I could have taken some editorial items home to write and get them done. I didn’t. Instead, after work I drove down to Calvert Hall for baseball game. It wasn’t the Baltimore Redbirds playing, though; the CalContinue reading “A League of Her Own”

Panthers Maul Rays

I had never seen a baseball game end on a mercy rule before. After work last night, I drove down to Calvert Hall to see the Putty Hill Panthers take on the Baltimore Rays. These are teams in the Maryland Collegiate Baseball League. I discovered their games by accident last year when I found aContinue reading “Panthers Maul Rays”

Baseball on a Summer’s Evening

Wednesday night, I found a baseball outside Carlo Crispino Stadium after the Baltimore Redbirds’ home opener. In a roundabout way, that led me to witness the strangest ending to a baseball game I’ve ever seen. I found the baseball in the grass. I assumed it was a foul ball, hit in a late inning duringContinue reading “Baseball on a Summer’s Evening”