A Perfect Spring Day

Thr last few days have been a little rainy, a little chilly, a little gloomy. And work has been in a bit of a holding pattern; what I’d normally be doing this week — the order forms — has been pushed to next week, so I’ve spent the last two days trying to do nextContinue reading “A Perfect Spring Day”

Spring Fever at Week’s End

Even without my alarm clock going off, my bladder “knew” when I normally woke up to go to work, and it roused me at six-thirty. I got up, took care of business, turned on the coffee pot, and opened the apartment’s front door. The clouds were pretty at dawn, and I wanted to capture theContinue reading “Spring Fever at Week’s End”

On Baseball, the Harbinger of Spring

I look out from my office window at the glacier that still lays across Maryland, and a thought brightens my seasonally-affected spirits. The knowledge that pitchers and catchers have reported in Florida and Arizona. Soon, on fields of green, the boys of summer will be back. The crack of the bat, the smell of theContinue reading “On Baseball, the Harbinger of Spring”

On Random Wednesday Thoughts

I love the way the air feels in spring. There’s a crispness. A tanginess. It’s like a sense of anticipation, that nature itself knows that something amazing is about to happen. I went for a walk on my lunch break today. The neighborhood around the office is, to be honest, not particularly exciting. There’s notContinue reading “On Random Wednesday Thoughts”

On Signs of Spring

Today’s a little dreary in Baltimore. It’s overcast. It’s a little chilly. The air feels like snow. I want spring. I want it now. Fortunately for me, the first signs of spring have arrived. Spring training games began yesterday. And in the game that mattered to me, the Cubs :cubs: triumphed over the Dodgers atContinue reading “On Signs of Spring”

On Signs of Spring

Sunday afternoon my sister phoned me up. “What are you doing?” she wanted to know. “I’m listening to a baseball game on the radio. Spring training. The Nationals and the Orioles.” “There’s baseball already?” Yup, there’s baseball already. To my chagrin, there’s little coverage of spring training in the local newspapers. The free daily, theContinue reading “On Signs of Spring”