On Building a Mega Bloks Set

A few weeks ago, the day Shore Leave began, I stopped at Target. I needed to pick up some supplies for the weekend, and while I was there I took a look at the various LEGO and LEGO-like sets that they had. And, there on the shelf, were the Mega Bloks World of WarCraft sets.Continue reading “On Building a Mega Bloks Set”

On Kirill Yeskov’s The Last Ringbearer

A few months ago on a bulletin board I was drawn into a somewhat tedious argument over what, exactly, pipeweed is in The Lord of the Rings. My sparring partner argued that pipeweed was clearly tobacco, Tolkien said so, and that, clearly, was that. The problem with the identification of pipeweed with tobacco, I said,Continue reading “On Kirill Yeskov’s The Last Ringbearer”