Tania Tobias, Anyone?

While reading a book the other day, suddenly I wondered, whatever became of Tania Tobias? And might we see her appear in a future Star Trek: New Frontier novel, possibly as part of Shelby’s crew on the Trident, possibly as Shelby’s first officer? Or is Ms. Tobias no longer in Starfleet, or did she perish in the Dominion War?

Why was I wondering this?

In Keith R.A. DeCandido’s recent Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Diplomatic Implausibility, we have cameo appearances by McHenry, Soleta, and Kebron, characters that attended Starfleet Academy with Worf, and they send Worf letters of congratulations on his appointment as the Federation’s Ambassador to Qo’noS.

So, where’s Tania Tobias? Why didn’t she send him a letter of congratulations?

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