The Cosmic Dance

I went to Big Lots yesterday. I didn’t intend to go to Big Lots — it was T.J. Maxx I wanted to visit — but while at Big Lots I snapped the photo above, of the crescent moon and Venus just after sunset.

I wanted to go to T.J. Maxx because I’ve seen reports that they have official Washington Nationals World Series hats and beanies for sale. I thought the likelihood of the one in York having either was low — their merchandisers would say, “the market in York for these items is limited, at best” — but it was worth a shot. That meant going to the completel.y other side of York, where I very rarely venture, and I couldn’t remember which shopping center T.J. Maxx was located in, and I want to the wrong one. T.J. Maxx was across the street.

While at Big Lots, I checked out their Christmas clearance section. They had several boxes of ornaments of Volkswagen Beetles with Christiams trees tied to the top. I’d bought two at full price, and now bought two more at half price, giving me a grand total of twelve.

I also took a look through their DVDs and Blu-Rays. If you ever wanted the Blu-Ray 3D combo pack of Star Trek: Into Darkness, the Big Lots in east York is your place; there were at least a dozen copies for sale at five dollars each. I passed up on these — I have Into Darkness on Blu-Ray — and bought instead two seasons of South Park I did not have, each for five dollars as well.

The T.J. Maxx in York did not have official Washington Nationals World Series hats and beanies. They had Orioles hats and scarfs and beanies. The Five Below next door had Washington Nationals plastic water bottles.

The trip was mostly in vain. There was no World Series. I didn’t need the ornaments, though having them is nice.

But I did get a nice photograph of cosmic wonder for my bother.

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