On New Levels of Fannishness

I had to write up a product description for something Doctor Who-ish — Creation is doing some Who shotglasses with the TARDIS and the series logo. I needed something catchy. Something the Doctor would drink. It came to me. I typed it up, giggling all the way. Something along the lines of “If you’re goingContinue reading “On New Levels of Fannishness”

On Weird Fandom Questions

Stolen from novelist David McIntee: Name six of your fandoms without looking below the cut, then answer the questions. Okie-day! I’m interpretting “fandom” broadly—I like bands, I like books, I like television shows. So, broad definitions here. My six are: Hellboy The Beatles Doctor Who The Lord of the Rings Star Trek Boston Legal AndContinue reading “On Weird Fandom Questions”

On the Shore Leave Round-Up

It occurs to me that others have written long and lengthy posts about the things they did at Shore Leave over the weekend. I’ve mentioned dribs and drabbles here and there–yes, the TARDIS USB hub is fantastic–but I haven’t done an all-encompassing thing. And since it’s Thursday (or something like that–my time sense has goneContinue reading “On the Shore Leave Round-Up”

On Farpoint Conversations

Keith: “I love this song. He’s so earnest in his vocals.” Me: “It’s ‘House of the Rising Son.’” Terri: “Yes, but the lyrics are about Winnie-the-Pooh.” Me: “You took a song about a New Orleans whore house, and turned into a song about Winnie-the-Pooh?” Keith: “Yep.” Me: “You’ve just fucked with my childhood. That’s notContinue reading “On Farpoint Conversations”

On a Strange Dream

I haven’t been sleeping well of late. Actually, ever since the move I’ve simply not been able to sleep, at least not until the early hours of the morn. It’s also means that I’m either remembering my dreams or I’m hallucinating. I don’t normally remember my dreams, and yet I remember quite vividly part ofContinue reading “On a Strange Dream”