On Green Street Hooligans

Back in college I wrote an editorial for the campus newspaper entitled “I Want To Be a Soccer Hooligan.” The University of Richmond had at the time (and may well still have) a very good women’s soccer team. Only, no one knew because no one attended the games. One afternoon, with nothing else to do,Continue reading “On Green Street Hooligans”

On Sam Adams' Brewmaster Collection

If I don’t have Guinness in the refrigerator, I probably have something by Sam Adams. Maybe the Boston Lager. Maybe the Boston Ale, which I prefer to the Lager. More often that not, it’s the Cream Stout, though I’ve been known to have one of their seasonal varieties around. The Summer Ale isn’t far aroundContinue reading “On Sam Adams' Brewmaster Collection”

Emergency Road Trip

Yesteday I made an emergency trip to Baltimore. Saturday morning my mother called me at work. “What does your Sunday schedule look like?” she wanted to know. Her aunt–my grandmother’s ninety year-old sister–was in the hospital in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. She had fallen a few days earlier and broken her hip. Someone needed toContinue reading “Emergency Road Trip”

Vacation and Shore Leave

Over the weekend I attended the Shore Leave convention in Baltimore, Maryland. I started going in 2000 and it has become something of an annual tradition. This year, however, was the first where I attended as a guest, due to the publication of Ring Around the Sky and a story in the No Limits anthology,Continue reading “Vacation and Shore Leave”