Elias Vaughn Observations

Something occurred to me last night. I was unpacking a box of books, and one of the book was a collection of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poetry, which, oddly enough, comprises fully half of the poetry I own. (The other book of poetry I have is O Holy Cow: The Selected Verse of Phil Rizzuto, aContinue reading “Elias Vaughn Observations”

In Defense of Warped

K.W. Jeter’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel Warped goes in for a lot of abuse within fandom–the story was inaccessible, the writing was bizarre, the take on the Trek universe was unbelievable, the book sold so poorly that Pocket wouldn’t think of doing another DS9 hardcover. I’ve heard all of these arguments, I’ve thoughtContinue reading “In Defense of Warped”

The thirty second story

I’ve seen this on two blogs recently, such as James Bow‘s–take a short story and run it through MS Word’s Auto Summary feature. I’ve taken “Memorial Day,” an entry I wrote for Pocket’s Strange New Worlds VI contest, and condensed its 7500 word length to under a hundred: “Thanks.” “Claire Keefe.” “Jake Sisko.” Claire nodded.Continue reading “The thirty second story”

Allyn's Crackpot Theory: On Trill Symbiosis

As some of you might be aware, I have some very whacked views on Trill symbiosis, how it began, and why it continues. My theories– Symbiosis must confer an evolutionary advantage (i.e., to further the gene line) to both host and symbiont, otherwise symbiosis doesn’t further the life cycle of either. In other words, symbiosisContinue reading “Allyn's Crackpot Theory: On Trill Symbiosis”

On Deep Space Nine: "Fear, Itself"

Tom Sharp raised the question, “Could [“Fear Itself,” published in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds V] be considered a part of the DS9 post-finale stories I have listed at DS9 Avatar? There are two possible answers here, and each has their reasons: Yes, include it–“Fear Itself” takes place post-“What You Leave Behind.” No, don’t includeContinue reading “On Deep Space Nine: "Fear, Itself"”

On K.W. Jeter's Warped

The impression I’ve gotten over the years is that most of the Star Trek novel readership hates K.W. Jeter’s Warped. I’ve always been more than a little mystified by that reaction; I found Warpedto be an engaging and unusual novel that had a good deal more depth than other Trek hardcovers of the period. WarpedContinue reading “On K.W. Jeter's Warped”

On Deep Space Nine's Tenth Anniversary

Marco gave us all a pleasant surprise with these announcements: 1. The mass-market edition of THE LIVES OF DAX (originally published as a trade paperback in 1999), which will be reprinted under the new DS9 logo, identifying it as part of the relaunch. To everyone who hasn’t read The Lives of Dax yet, buy itContinue reading “On Deep Space Nine's Tenth Anniversary”

The Psi Phi Project: Re(7437): Ro and the Maquis

Baerbel wrote: The Bajorans and the Maquis had two things in common, they were victims of the Cardassians and they feel betrayed by Starfleet – the Maquis because of this agreement Starfleet made with Cardassia and the Bajorans because Starfleet did absolutely nothing to help except voicing their outrage now and again. From “Ensign Ro”Continue reading “The Psi Phi Project: Re(7437): Ro and the Maquis”