On Personal Travels Through Time

One hour in a time machine. All of history, past and future, is open to me. Where would I go? I wouldn't be like the amateur time travelers of Desmond Warzel's short story "WikiHistory" where, as BigChill says in the story, "everybody kills Hitler on their first trip." Honestly, no interest in that. I'd wantContinue reading “On Personal Travels Through Time”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

Let’s talk comic books! It’s a rainy day, so why not? 😉 Star Trek: The Official Motion Picture Adaptation #5 IDW Publishing Written by Mike Johnson & Tim Jones, based on the screenplay by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman Art by David Messina with Claudia Balboni, with inks by Gaetano Carlucci A year after J.J.Continue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

I haven’t done one of my comic book reading round-ups since, umm, well… it’s been about nine months. I’ve read a lot of comics in the past nine months. I’m not going to try and catch up on things I’ve read; instead, I’ll point out three things I’ve read recently. Do Androids Dream of ElectricContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On Creativity, Comic Books, and TR

I have been feeling creative of late. More creative than I’ve felt recently. A number of projects that were running in background processes and had begun to come up “Not Responding” on the mental Task Manager have started running again. And I’ve realized I’ve not put together the “Yankees Suck” sign yet; I need toContinue reading “On Creativity, Comic Books, and TR”

On Allyn’s Crackpot Batman Theory

Bruce Wayne, better known to millions of comics fans as Batman, is dead. Many months ago, in an effort to defeat Batman and sow discord, the Devil himself, in the person of Dr. Hurt, attempted to drive Batman insane. However, Batman had the greatest plan ever, because Batman plans for everything — he had createdContinue reading “On Allyn’s Crackpot Batman Theory”

On the Redemption of Jason Todd

I have no interest in writing for comics. This admission may come as some surprise to people who know me, especially those who know what I do for a living. I’m surrounded by comics. I read comics voraciously. But! No interest in writing comics. With one exception. I would love to write a Jason ToddContinue reading “On the Redemption of Jason Todd”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

Some recent comic book purchases. Irredeemable #1 BOOM! Studios Written by Mark Waid Art by Peter Krause For nearly twenty years my brother and I have jokingly called Mark Waid “Waid the Butthead.” The reason goes back to an early issue of DC Comics’ The Comet, part of their short-lived revival of Archie Comics’ superheroesContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On Anniversary Years

Needing some mood music, I went to my CDs, and pulled one that I’d not listened to in a while — Danny Elfman’s score for the original Tim Burton Batman film. As I put it in the CD player and leaned back in my office chair, a sudden realization struck me. This summer, it willContinue reading “On Anniversary Years”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

I have a stack of comics, some read, some not. Here are three that caught my attention the past few weeks. Ruins. Marvel Comics Written by Warren Ellis Art by Cliff & Terese Nielsen Fans of Star Trek fiction may recognize the artist for Ruins; yes, years before he did the Deep Space Nine novelContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”