On Downloading Elbow’s New Single

The spring of Elbow has begun. “Neat Little Rows,” the first single from Build a Rocket, Boys! released today. And, like a crack-addicted monkey, I had to download the song. Oh, I’ve seen the video the band released in January: I’ve even used some audio jiggery-pokery to get a listenable mp3 from the video’s audioContinue reading “On Downloading Elbow’s New Single”

On Christmas Day Tidings

Merry Christmas, one and all! Since I’m not around to blog today, I’m going to share with you two videos. The first, the trailer to what I’m most looking forward to today, Doctor Who‘s “A Christmas Carol”: The second, because I do love Elbow, the England FIFA World Cup 2018 bid video, which amounts toContinue reading “On Christmas Day Tidings”

On a Coldplay Demos Album

Earlier this week, Coldplay released their newest single, “Christmas Lights.” It’s a Christmas song, though not a particularly festive one. It’s a piano-based ballad, a bit like A Rush of Blood to the Head‘s “The Scientist” by way of Viva La Vida. Much like Carbon Leaf’s Christmas album, Christmas Child, it’s a song set atContinue reading “On a Coldplay Demos Album”

On Peter Gabriel’s Next Album

Sometime early next year, Peter Gabriel will be releasing a new album, Scratch My Back. The Guardian describes it thusly: “[The album] is a ‘song swap,’ according to one of Gabriel’s collaborators, where the singer and a host of ‘extremely legendary artists’ will cover each other’s material.” And one of those artists, supposedly, is Elbow.Continue reading “On Peter Gabriel’s Next Album”

On the George Gershwin/Brian Wilson Collaboration

George Gershwin. Brian Wilson. Together again, for the first time. I read comic books. Of course I’m going to use that hoary cliche, “together again, for the first time,” when describing a unique collaboration between George Gershwin, dead since 1937, and the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson. Collaboration, you say? What’s this? Wilson will be finishedContinue reading “On the George Gershwin/Brian Wilson Collaboration”

On the View at Thursday

Hello? Hello? Is this mic still on? However did it get to be Thursday? :tired: Oh, that‘s right. It’s called “work.” Since I really don’t have anything profound to say at the moment, I would point out that a survey of Doctor Who fans acclaimed “The Caves of Androzani” as the best story of allContinue reading “On the View at Thursday”

On the Questions People Ask

In the next day or two, I’ll put up a complete breakdown of August’s webstats for allyngibson.net, but in the interim, I thought I’d point out a couple of interesting things I’ve seen come through from Google in the past week or two of search phrases people are using. alan moore star trek. I don’tContinue reading “On the Questions People Ask”

On the Thursday View

However did it get to be Thursday? Oh, that’s right. Work. This is the week that all the publications go to press. I’ve been occasionally stressed, always busy. To my surprise, I worked a regular day yesterday; usually, on the Wednesday of this week each month, I work late, until seven, sometimes eight, occasionally nine.Continue reading “On the Thursday View”