On Impeaching the President

Dennis Kucinich, Democratic Congressman from Ohio and former Presidential candidate, is introducing 35 articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush. I’ve long wanted to see Bush impeached and removed from office. Or, even better, Bush extradited to Europe to stand trial at the Hague for war crimes. I know that Kucinich’s resolution will goContinue reading “On Impeaching the President”

On the President’s Abject Disconnect

Times of war are times of sacrifice. In my grandparent’s generation — World War II — resources were rationed for the war effort. People from all walks of life gave up necessities so that the Axis could be defeated. President Bush, in our own Iraqi quagmire, believes in sacrifice. He sacrificed his tee time. HeContinue reading “On the President’s Abject Disconnect”

On “Mission Accomplished” Plus Five

Five years ago today, President George W. Bush stood on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln and declared, against the backdrop of a banner that said “Mission Accomplished” that “major combat operations in Iraq have ended.” We have Senator John McCain saying that the United States will be in Iraq for another hundred years.Continue reading “On “Mission Accomplished” Plus Five”

On the President’s Shakespearean Tendencies

Will wonders never cease! While other American presidents have quoted from Shakespeare, it appears that George W. Bush is the only president to emulate Shakespeare. So argues Slate. My first reaction? It can’t be. He doesn’t have the cadences. He talks like a gibbering moron when he’s off script, when he’s not being actively petulant.Continue reading “On the President’s Shakespearean Tendencies”

On John Yoo and the Legality of Torture

I don’t like John Yoo. Yoo served in President Bush’s Office of Legal Counsel during the early years of his administration. Yoo was known to have penned two memos outlining the legal basis for detainee confinement at Guantanamo Bay and for coercive interrogation tactics — torture, let’s just say it — that led to prisonContinue reading “On John Yoo and the Legality of Torture”

On the Two-Week Round-Up

I think a biweekly recap makes more sense than a weekly recap. At least, until I change my mind again. 😆 Let’s step back two weeks, to the day before St. Patrick’s Day. There, I mused on The Return of the King, which I watched the night previous. Specifically, I talked about the original endingContinue reading “On the Two-Week Round-Up”

On the Bush Mosaic

A few short days ago the United States reached the fifth anniversary of its military involvement in Iraq. Yesterday — Easter Sunday, for those of the Christian inclination — another milestone was passed. The four thousandth American soldier fell in Iraq. An artist has commemorated that dubious milestone with a photomosaic of President Bush andContinue reading “On the Bush Mosaic”

On the Five Year Anniversary

Five years ago today the United States invaded Iraq. In that time, four thousand American soldiers have died. In that time, countless Iraqis have died. Some of the casualty estimates I’ve seen are appalling. Despite a speech proclaiming that “major combat operations in Iraq have ended” six weeks after the start of the war, thereContinue reading “On the Five Year Anniversary”

On My Grandmother and Politics

Years ago I hated having any sort of political discussion with my grandmother. I won’t say that I was then the raving progressive that I am today; over the past decade my politics have moved steadily — and progressively — to the left. It’s not a reaction to the Bush Crime Syndicate, per se, butContinue reading “On My Grandmother and Politics”

On the Weird Way the Mind Works

Last night I was tired. Actually, I’ve been tired. I blame the flu. Which hasn’t entirely passed. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I don’t feel bad. I feel quite well, actually. But there’s still some nasal congestion. There’s the occasional cough. And my voice is still off by about an octave. It lingers. So, IContinue reading “On the Weird Way the Mind Works”