The New Peanuts Movie Trailer

This week the new trailer for November’s Peanuts trailer was released: In November, I wrote about the first trailer, and in the days since the new trailer was released I’ve left a few comments here and there. Why don’t I share my thoughts on the new trailer here? My read on the trailer is thatContinue reading “The New Peanuts Movie Trailer”

Meet the Peanuts Gang

This October marks the sixty-fifth anniversary of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts, and the following month we’ve see the release of the first Peanuts movie in thirty years. I’ve noticed this year that there’s a concerted effort at releasing Peanuts books and collections, probably to both tie in with the anniversary and the upcoming film. One suchContinue reading “Meet the Peanuts Gang”

Things I’ve Been Reading: Get Well Soon, Charlie Brown

Peanuts #27 BOOM! Studios/kaboom! Written by Jason Cooper Art by Vicki Scott & Paige Braddock As I turned the pages of “Get Well Soon, Charlie Brown,” I felt like I had read this story before. During one of his baseball games, Charlie Brown begins to “feel kind of woozy,” and he leaves the game toContinue reading “Things I’ve Been Reading: Get Well Soon, Charlie Brown”

Things I’ve Been Reading: It’s Summer Camp, Charlie Brown

Peanuts #25 BOOM! Studios/kaBOOM! Written by Paige Braddock and Vicki Scott Pencils by Vicki Scott Inks by Paige Braddock For about three years now, BOOM! Studios has published comic books and original graphic novels starring Charles Schulz’s beloved Peanuts characters. Typically, each issue of the the comic book has three or four original stories ofContinue reading “Things I’ve Been Reading: It’s Summer Camp, Charlie Brown”

The Peanuts Movie Trailer

Yesterday, the first trailer for next Christmas’ Peanuts film was released. Wait. What? There’s a new Peanuts movie? How can that be? Yes. Next Christmas, Blue Sky Studios, the animation studio behind the Ice Age and Rio series, will be releasing The Peanuts Movie, the first Peanuts film since 1980’s Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (AndContinue reading “The Peanuts Movie Trailer”

The Beagle Has Landed, Charlie Brown

The Beagle Has Landed, Charlie Brown BOOM! Studios Story by Andy Beall, Bob Scotty, and Vicki Scott Artwork by Vicki Scott and Paige Braddock BOOM! Studios has been publishing comic books and original graphic novels based on Charles Schulz’s Peanuts for several years now, and this week they released the latest graphic novel, The BeagleContinue reading “The Beagle Has Landed, Charlie Brown”

The Peanuts Gang and the All-Star Game

I’m about to criticize something that I think is neat. Why? Because it’s absolutely wrong. MLB and the Minnesota Twins have teamed up to produce a series of commemorative statues for this year’s MLB All-Star Game with the Peanuts gang. It’s a natural, right? Charlie Brown and the gang spent a lot of time onContinue reading “The Peanuts Gang and the All-Star Game”

Batter Up, Charlie Brown

Batter Up, Charlie Brown! Fantagraphics Books Written and Illustrated by Charles Schulz These are truly great days to be a Peanuts fan — Fantagraphics Books is nearing the end of their reprint the entirety of Peanuts and they’ve launched a full-color Sundays reprint series, Andrews McMeel has started a line of themed Peanuts collections forContinue reading “Batter Up, Charlie Brown”

The Dark Underside to A Charlie Brown Christmas

On Saturday I put up my Christmas tree. It looks nice, especially against the brick wall in my living room. It’s properly festive. Yesterday evening, I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. How could I not? It’s not Christmas without A Charlie Brown Christmas, I’ve already listened to the album at least twice since last week,Continue reading “The Dark Underside to A Charlie Brown Christmas”

Snoopy: Cowabunga

Snoopy: Cowabunga AMP! Comics for Kids Written and Drawn by Charles Schulz With Fantagraphics’ complete reprinting of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts nearing its end, Andrews McMeel has begun their own reprint series, this one thematic and aimed at the next generation of readers, beginning with the new volume, Snoopy: Cowabunga! As you can undoubtedly guess fromContinue reading “Snoopy: Cowabunga”