On Nature’s Rorschach Blot

A group of fast-moving storm clouds have moved over Baltimore in the past hour. These clouds are dark. I finished writing an article for work about Halo Wars and glanced out the window. I thought the world was gloomy, but nothing could have prepared me for this. The cloud looked like a dragon. The dragonContinue reading “On Nature’s Rorschach Blot”

On Friday’s Quick Hits

It’s windy. Massively windy. Winds called up from the underworld, winds that howl and shake and make buildings groan and trees crack. Windy. I’ve not slept for two nights because the wind. It howls around the house, like a high-pitched roar. Small objects clatter outside. The wind goes on. I’d love to go outside andContinue reading “On Friday’s Quick Hits”