I am Spartacus!

I am writing a book. There’s a scene in That Thing You Do when the Wonders are about to perform on television, and Lenny asks Skitch, “How did we get here?” And Skitch Patterson, with his Spartacus fixation, says, “I have brought you here, sir, for I am Spartacus.” It’s that sense of unreality thatContinue reading “I am Spartacus!”

Stones and Glass

I should be worried. I knew the two baseball teams in Gotham City without having to look it up. I even knew which league each team is in. (For those of you wondering, Gotham City hosts the Monarchs, of the National League, and the Knights, of the American League. The Monarchs replaced the Griffins, whoContinue reading “Stones and Glass”

Recent Ramblings

Pocket’s Strange New Worlds contest for this year closes on Tuesday, and I made four submissions this year. I liked this year’s batch of stories. One I’ve mentioned before, about Wesley Crusher and the man he replaced at the Enterprise-D’s conn. Another was about Robin Lefler and her nightmares. The third story was about EzriContinue reading “Recent Ramblings”

On the Christmas Round-Up

Ah, Christmas. It’s over. I think I can breathe now. What an incredible Christmas! At Electronics Boutique, we would do as much in a single day as Payless would do in an entire week. There were moments of extreme insanity. I know people keep talking about the terrible recession we’ve found ourselves in, but IContinue reading “On the Christmas Round-Up”

On a Life Update

First, for those completely in the dark. I am an Assistant Manager for Electronics Boutique in the outer Philadelphia suburbs in southeastern Pennsylvania. It’s a decent enough job–it certainly pays well enough–and as things to do go I could certainly do far worse, which truth to tell, I have. As I’ve said, it’s a coolContinue reading “On a Life Update”