Talking Books

Two more books came by mail this weekend. The first, from the Science Fiction Book Club—The Bloody Crown of Conan, the second volume in Del Rey’s new collection of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian stories. The second, from Mad Norwegian Press—Warlords of Utopia, Lance Parkin’s contribution to the Faction Paradox universe. I’ve only glancedContinue reading “Talking Books”

Gauntlet: Paths of Evil

A week ago browsing the local Waldenbooks while in search of Keith R.A. DeCandido‘s novel Dragon Precinct I discovered that a novel based on the video game, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy had been published by iBooks, written by Richard C. White, entitled Paths of Evil. Dragon Precinct hadn’t arrived yet, or hadn’t been shelved yet–one canContinue reading “Gauntlet: Paths of Evil”

On Deep Space Nine: "Fear, Itself"

Tom Sharp raised the question, “Could [“Fear Itself,” published in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds V] be considered a part of the DS9 post-finale stories I have listed at DS9 Avatar? There are two possible answers here, and each has their reasons: Yes, include it–“Fear Itself” takes place post-“What You Leave Behind.” No, don’t includeContinue reading “On Deep Space Nine: "Fear, Itself"”

On K.W. Jeter's Warped

The impression I’ve gotten over the years is that most of the Star Trek novel readership hates K.W. Jeter’s Warped. I’ve always been more than a little mystified by that reaction; I found Warpedto be an engaging and unusual novel that had a good deal more depth than other Trek hardcovers of the period. WarpedContinue reading “On K.W. Jeter's Warped”

On Deep Space Nine's Tenth Anniversary

Marco gave us all a pleasant surprise with these announcements: 1. The mass-market edition of THE LIVES OF DAX (originally published as a trade paperback in 1999), which will be reprinted under the new DS9 logo, identifying it as part of the relaunch. To everyone who hasn’t read The Lives of Dax yet, buy itContinue reading “On Deep Space Nine's Tenth Anniversary”

Tania Tobias, Anyone?

While reading a book the other day, suddenly I wondered, whatever became of Tania Tobias? And might we see her appear in a future Star Trek: New Frontier novel, possibly as part of Shelby’s crew on the Trident, possibly as Shelby’s first officer? Or is Ms. Tobias no longer in Starfleet, or did she perishContinue reading “Tania Tobias, Anyone?”

The Psi Phi Project: Re(7517): Questions about next movie novelization

I’m guessing J.M. Dillard will be writing the novelization of Star Trek X. Doesn’t have to be, but I’d very much prefer it not be written by Diane “The Seven-Day Wonder” Carey. Leave her to the episode novelizations where readers don’t expect quality. I wouldn’t mind, though, if someone other than Dillard wrote the nextContinue reading “The Psi Phi Project: Re(7517): Questions about next movie novelization”