On Heavy Rain and Transit Nightmares

Today I took a nap. That was not in the day’s plan. The day’s plan included going to work. Unfortunately, the weather and MTA Maryland had different ideas in mind. In the mornings, when I drive to work, I reach an intersection where I have a choice to make. Go left, and I get onContinue reading “On Heavy Rain and Transit Nightmares”

On Rainfall Against the Office Glass

On a day like today, with the sky overcast and rain falling, hitting the sixth floor glass and running in streaks downward, this song by the Beatles is completely appropriate: If the rain comes they run and hide their heads They might as well be dead If the rain comes, if the rain comes When the sun shines they slip into the shade (When the sun shines down) And sip their lemonade (When the sun shines down) When the sun shines, when the sun shines Rain, I don't mind Shine, the weather's fine I can show you that when it starts to rain (When the rain comes down) Everything's the same (When the rain comes down) I can show you, I can show you Rain, I don't mind Shine, the weather's fine Can you hear me that when it rains and shines (When it rains and shines) It's just a state of mind? (When it rains and shines) Can you hear me, can you hear me? sdaeh rieht edih dna nur yeht semoc niar eht fI (Rain) niaRContinue reading “On Rainfall Against the Office Glass”

On the Good Things About Today

Today was one of those days. Rather than dwell upon the reasons for today’s craptaculence, why not look upon all the things that made today great? Umm… Oh! I got rained on! Three weeks ago, Charm City had turned into East Seattle, and it rained for days upon days. Then, the rains departed, the weatherContinue reading “On the Good Things About Today”