On Long and Fruitless Commutes

Yesterday I felt like Odysseus. In Homer’s The Odyssey, the Greek hero Odysseus attempts to return home to Greece after the conclusion of the Trojan War. But his journey home is fraught with adventures and detours, and it takes him a decade to reach his home. Yesterday’s commute was like that. A southbound train brokeContinue reading “On Long and Fruitless Commutes”

On Awkward Subway Encounters

She sat hunched over on the subway car’s bench. It wasn’t the coat she wore that I noticed first — brown, long, heavy, wintry, a fur-lined hood, wholly inappropriate to the day’s weather. Rather, it was the savage odor that permeated the subway car — sweat and grime and soiled clothes. The smells mixed togetherContinue reading “On Awkward Subway Encounters”

On Maryland Transit Suckitude

The four feet of snow that fell during Blizzardammerung and its kissing cousin Blizzardammerung II linger on the Maryland landscape like a festering malignancy. I look out at the frozen wastes from my sixth floor office, and I think I should elk and moose wandering the glacier that now lays across the hills and dalesContinue reading “On Maryland Transit Suckitude”

On Missing Connections

The morning’s commute was an exercise in missed connections. The subway train pulled out just as I reached the platform. Making the connection from the subway to the light rail can be the matter of moments. Up one escalator, up another escalator, across the street, down a block and a half, across a four-lane highway,Continue reading “On Missing Connections”