The Daily Cloud: September 4

I genuinely thought about going to Erie, Pennsylvania this weekend. No reason. I could have hit some rock n’ roll shows in Steubenville, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh… Maybe I could have had a pig in competition in the livestock pavilion at the state fair… Listened to Del Paxton’s Time to Blow… Oneders Night! Erie’s favorite one-hitContinue reading “The Daily Cloud: September 4”

On Beady Eye’s Debut Album

So, Oasis 2.0 — Beady Eye — has launched with Different Gear, Still Speeding. Oasis, as I mentioned at the time, exploded spectacularly in the summer of 2009, with brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher going their separate ways. Liam pulled a band together — all the pieces of the final Oasis line-up, minus Noel —Continue reading “On Beady Eye’s Debut Album”

On Shore Leave 2009, Day One

And so it begins, Shore Leave. Shore Leave, of course, is the media SF convention I’ve been attending for a decade now. (Wow, does time ever fly…) Guests this year include Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips. On the pure coolness factor, Johnathon Schaech of That Thing You Do! is on the guest list; knowing me,Continue reading “On Shore Leave 2009, Day One”

On Friends and Five Years Gone

My habit of holding onto old e-mails and documents paid dividends today. At Natalie and Beau’s wedding reception Saturday night I found myself talking to Natalie’s cousin. I was trying to figure out how long I knew them. I ran the numbers in my head, and I decided that it was almost exactly five yearsContinue reading “On Friends and Five Years Gone”

On Tom Hanks Goodness

Mark your calendars. 27 March 2007. The That Thing You Do! Director’s Cut. One hundred, fifty-five minutes. A full hour longer than the theatrical release. Score! That Thing You Do! is the story of the Erie, Pennsylvania band, the Wonders (sometimes spelled “Oneders”) and their meteoric rise and very sudden fall from the pop chartsContinue reading “On Tom Hanks Goodness”

On the Really Stupid Things

One of the top searches bringing people to the website this month is, I kid you not, “Oneders of the World.” What the frell are people trying to find? The Oneders are, as everyone knows, the Erie band that’s the focus of Tom Hanks’ film That Thing You Do!. If it’s “Wonders of the World”Continue reading “On the Really Stupid Things”

December’s Greatest Hits

The top fifteen reasons people checked out in the month of December. 15. “John Lennon atheist.” I wouldn’t call Lennon an atheist, per se, but he certainly had his issues with organized religion. Witness this quote–“Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I am right, and have been proven right. We’re bigger thanContinue reading “December’s Greatest Hits”

That Thing You Do!

I was arranging my CD collection recently and came across the soundtrack album for Tom Hanks’ 1996 film, That Thing You Do! TTYD! tells the story of the Wonders, sometimes spelling Oneders, pronounced o-Need-ers, an Erie, Pennsylvania garage band of 1964 who write a hit song, hit the big time, and then break up. TheContinue reading “That Thing You Do!”