On Working on My NaNoWriMo Outline

Hello? Is this mic still on…? Ah, there it is. The squeal of feedback. I’ve been busy. And writing. But mostly busy. This happens to all of us from time to time, but it’s been especially bad of late. One thing I’ve been working on? I’m finally tackling a revision to the Merlin outline. Yes,Continue reading “On Working on My NaNoWriMo Outline”

On the Ongoing Projects

Some updates on two ongoing projects. 1. The Website Redesign. Over the past forty-eight hours, I’ve been thinking about formatting the site for mobile browsers and how to achieve what I want. Yes, there are WordPress plug-ins to do this. But I like the idea of making something of my own. Conceptually, I understand whatContinue reading “On the Ongoing Projects”

On Making Merlin Plans

Two years ago, I wrote an outline for a Merlin novel. I sent it off to the editor handling the Merlin novels at Random House Childrens UK, and about six weeks later it came back with a very nice rejection letter. The editor liked the story, but they weren’t publishing original Merlin novels, just novelizationsContinue reading “On Making Merlin Plans”

On Recording a Drabble Podfic

I quite enjoy writing drabbles, short stories of exactly 100 words, and a month ago I walked through my creative process in writing a Merlin drabble. This morning, for no particular reason except that I had a computer microphone handy, I decided to do an audio recording of a different Merlin drabble. It’s a storyContinue reading “On Recording a Drabble Podfic”

On Weekend Writing Plans

This weekend looks like a writing weekend. The main thing on the plate? My self-appraisal for work. The company skipped reviews last year, due to the uncertain economic climate, so this year’s reviews are more thorough than previous years, as this review covers two years of employment. But that’s not the only thing on myContinue reading “On Weekend Writing Plans”

On Merlin’s Upcoming Season

The third season of Merlin begins this coming Saturday on BBC1. Here are the BBC’s two teaser trailers: So, the Great Dragon is back. Morgana is back. Morgause is back. And Arthur fights skeleton men! Merlin looks awfully gaunt. They must not be feeding him in the castle. Also, there’s not enough Gwen shown. Actually,Continue reading “On Merlin’s Upcoming Season”

On My 2010 Shore Leave Schedule

Shore Leave! It’s the media science-fiction convention held in Hunt Valley, Maryland every mid-July. This year, it falls on the calendar from July 9th through 11th. :spock: This year, barring any unforeseen happenings, I will again be attending the convention as a guest. My schedule for panels looks like: Friday Meet the ProsHunt/Valley Hallway —Continue reading “On My 2010 Shore Leave Schedule”