On Goofing Off With a New Toy

Since I was out with a nasty and virulent cough today, I spent the day huddled in bed, watching The Tudors. And napping.  Because you know what?  Naps are good things. I also discovered that AOL gave Netscape a brief reprieve.  It was to have passed into the great beyond at the end of January. Continue reading “On Goofing Off With a New Toy”

On Atheism, Agendas, Analogies, and Browsers

Sometimes web surfing can be a dangerous thing. You’re looking at something safe, something normal, and then you’re in some dank back alley in the dirty part of town, where you have to keep your head down because you don’t want to attract attention. Last night was like that. I found myself reading an evangelicalContinue reading “On Atheism, Agendas, Analogies, and Browsers”

On the Month-End Round-Up

Things I’ve discovered. I have a lot of readers in Indiana. This surprises me, as I’ve only ever driven through Indiana, yet I have more regular readers in Indiana than I do in, say, Utah. Other popular tourist destinations for allyngibson.net are Florida, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Norway. Also, China and Saudi Arabia. No, thisContinue reading “On the Month-End Round-Up”

On Teaching Faust

An elementary school teacher with a background in music in Bennett, Colorado, decided to expose her students to opera. She got a video, entitled “Who’s Afraid of Opera,” and showed it to her classes of first, second, and third graders. The video contained scenes from Charles Gounod’s nineteenth-century opera “Faust.” Parents in this town outsideContinue reading “On Teaching Faust”