The Vault

“We’ve identified one of the bodies.” Elizabeth Shelby looked skeptical.  “Which one?” Artifacts collected across the galaxy over the past two centuries crowded every alcove.  At the far end stood three cryogenic tubes.  Frozen within were the bodies of three things, once intelligent beings now turned into something else, inhuman and cybernetic — Borg. “TheContinue reading “The Vault”

On the Cusp of History

Many times in his life the Doctor had been on the cusp of battle. But never like this. The TARDIS was hundreds of miles away in London.  There would be no escape for him as bullets flew, as cannonshot fell.  His life could easily end here, on the deck of Victory. His companion, much shorterContinue reading “On the Cusp of History”

Bleacher Creatures

“I can’t believe you wore that,” Peri said. “How was I to know?” the Doctor said indignantly, raising his voice to shout above those jeering at him. Peri frowned.  “You could have asked.” “Did you not say, ‘Let’s go to a baseball game.’  Is this not the proper attire?”  He gestured at the cap andContinue reading “Bleacher Creatures”

Of the Wanderers in the Fields of the Unbroken Arda

Though the Lamps were thrown down by Melkor long ages ere the awakening of the Elves and Men, it is said that one of the Kindred of Men, with a spirit that flowed like the waters of the mighty Sirion in later days, walked in the fields of the unbroken Arda and looked upon theContinue reading “Of the Wanderers in the Fields of the Unbroken Arda”

Ghosts of the Past

She knew the face — the finely etched lines, the slicked back hair, the sallow skin — but the familiar yellow eyes had none of the depth she remembered. “You seem familiar,” he said, aware of her attention.  He scrutinized her face.  “Do I know you?” “No,” she said.  “I thought you were someone IContinue reading “Ghosts of the Past”

Coffee Bars

Owen frowned.  Pubs he liked.  Coffee bars he didn’t.  The college kids in turtlenecks, the young professionals on their laptops — he’d lived this life and outgrown it.  He wanted a drink — bourbon or scotch — not a made-up Italian word for a fancy coffee. He heard Tosh through his earpiece.  “You’re on topContinue reading “Coffee Bars”

The Other First Duty

Simon Cooper went through the Academy and rose to be the navigator of the Enterprise-D. Wesley Crusher was on the bridge getting the glory and not even trained for the job. “Simon!” Wesley said, “you won’t believe what happened today!” “I couldn’t guess.” “An spatial anomaly opened in our flightpath, and a space worm emerged! Continue reading “The Other First Duty”

Making Minds Free

“What we did, Doctor? Was it wise?” “We brought down a corrupt religion, Peri. Minds clouded by dogma will now be free. These people now understand they will fail because of their decisions, not because of the fickleness of fate.” Throngs of the once-worshipful tore a statue down from its pedestal. It crashed to theContinue reading “Making Minds Free”

War Correspondence

I can only hope you’ll receive this letter, with the station in Cardassian hands. I thought today, and not for the first time, all this was because of you.  Perhaps I should have been left in limbo.  Perhaps you should have lived out the life you’d made.  None of this happened.  No war.  No casualties. Continue reading “War Correspondence”

The Calculus of Diplomacy

“Negotiations. How I despise them.” Arthur was nonplussed by Uther’s pronouncement. “The delegation from Thule…” “…Has nothing of worth for Camelot. Trade? They want our produce and offer mere trinkets in return. An alliance? Our kingdoms are separated by rough seas, and though we both beset by rivals we have not mutual enemies.” “What ifContinue reading “The Calculus of Diplomacy”