On Rewriting a Podcast Script

Three weeks ago I wrote the script for the introductory episode for the podcast I’m planning to launch later this spring. I made some revisions the next day — I realized I’d completely overlooked something crucial — printed it out a few days later… And then I let it sit, so I could come toContinue reading “On Rewriting a Podcast Script”

On Allyn’s 2012 Farpoint Schedule

A week from today, Farpoint begins in Timonium, Maryland. A media science-fiction convention, I’ve been attending Farpoint regularly since 2006. (Yes, I was there for the infamous “carpet glue” convention, where con-goers were tripping out on the carpet fumes and the wild colors.) Farpoint is being held this year at the Crowne Plaza in Timonium,Continue reading “On Allyn’s 2012 Farpoint Schedule”

On Writing a Podcast Script

Today I wrote my first podcast script. I mentioned about two months ago that I was considering starting a podcast when I relaunch my website in the coming months. (By the way, there’s nothing wrong with my website that requires a relaunch, except that I have to move it to another server, so why notContinue reading “On Writing a Podcast Script”

On Annivesaries and Convention Panel Ideas

Recently I’ve had anniversaries on the brain. It started with this blog post by Dayton Ward, where he ran through a list of film anniversaries — twentieth, twenty-fifth, right on up — that are being celebrated this year. You look at the list for 1982, the year that many critics consider to be filmed scienceContinue reading “On Annivesaries and Convention Panel Ideas”

On the Week That Was

It’s been a week. Every month when the catalogs go to press, it’s a rougher week than usual. There’s last minute writing (often late night alcohol-fueled writing), long days at the office, and needless stress. This month, all of that was amped up to eleven. There were also spreadsheets to be entered into the CMS,Continue reading “On the Week That Was”

On Guest-Blogging About Tennyson

While blogging here has gone from a nearly-daily thing to a twice-a-week thing (if I’m lucky — life’s become an endless deadline), today saw the publication of a guest blog post I wrote for Stuart Ian Burns, a blogger in Liverpool. Stuart asked me to ponder the two most quoted lines of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’sContinue reading “On Guest-Blogging About Tennyson”

On the Ongoing Projects

Some updates on two ongoing projects. 1. The Website Redesign. Over the past forty-eight hours, I’ve been thinking about formatting the site for mobile browsers and how to achieve what I want. Yes, there are WordPress plug-ins to do this. But I like the idea of making something of my own. Conceptually, I understand whatContinue reading “On the Ongoing Projects”

On Making Merlin Plans

Two years ago, I wrote an outline for a Merlin novel. I sent it off to the editor handling the Merlin novels at Random House Childrens UK, and about six weeks later it came back with a very nice rejection letter. The editor liked the story, but they weren’t publishing original Merlin novels, just novelizationsContinue reading “On Making Merlin Plans”

On Contemplating Philcon

Yesterday evening I received a surprising e-mail — it was a pre-invite to Philcon. Well, it was surprising to me; things like this are always surprising to me. Philcon is, obviously, a science-fiction convention held every November in Philadelphia. I knew of it it when I lived outside Philly about a decade ago, but workingContinue reading “On Contemplating Philcon”