The Psi-Phi Project: Re(8629): Andorians seen in Trek

John wrote: You’d definitely be correct if Humans and Vulcans had evolvedseperately from different evolutionary ladders, etc. That’sprobably not the case, though. It’s been clearly established that an ancient race seeded the galaxy with their genetic code. Humans and Vulcans are most probably the same basic species — just widely variated and at the edgeContinue reading “The Psi-Phi Project: Re(8629): Andorians seen in Trek”

The Psi Phi Project: Re(8615): Andorians seen in Trek

I agree with Jim here. There’s nothing implausible about Spock, if we make the assumption that Spock’s genome was built from the ground up. No, Spock was not an accidental child; the odds of Vulcans and humans having compatible genetic code is only slightly less than the odds of me and Jim McCain growing moreContinue reading “The Psi Phi Project: Re(8615): Andorians seen in Trek”

The Psi-Phi Project: Re(8561): Dissappointments

John Ordover has said in the past that Pocket was one of the last publishers to raise the prices on their books. Keeping books smaller in the page count is a way to keep those costs down. If a lower-than-average page count is done in conjunction with a slightly smaller typeface (to fit a 270Continue reading “The Psi-Phi Project: Re(8561): Dissappointments”

The Psi-Phi Project: Re(8550): Dissappointments

But it does no good to vent your spleen if you simultaneously assure them that you’ll keep buying the books no matter what they do. The only way to get the message through to them is NOT to buy the books. Otherwise, what incentive do they have to change? Ah, the Catch-22. You buy stuffContinue reading “The Psi-Phi Project: Re(8550): Dissappointments”

On Doctor Who: Storm Warning II

It’s amazing. I must be the only person to think the Doctor talking to himself in the first episode of Storm Warning works. It’s absolutely obvious to me why he does this. Just as those scenes make it plain why the Doctor has companions with him almost all of the time. Quite simply, he likesContinue reading “On Doctor Who: Storm Warning II”

On Doctor Who: Storm Warning

I got Storm Warning today. What an experience! I’m not sure that it’s the best Big Finish audio yet (the second half is a little weak in comparison to the first two parts), but for reintroducing the world to Paul McGann as the Doctor, this really does fit the bill. I do have a fewContinue reading “On Doctor Who: Storm Warning”

On the Icarus and the Kzin

If you accept Star Trek: The Animated Series you have the Kzin attacking Earth almost simultaneously with the Vulcans’ arrival in Montana. And if you accept the UNSS Icarus mission to Alpha Centauri, you have that ship making contact with the native Centaurans before the Vulcans pass though the Sol system. Putting Star Trek: FirstContinue reading “On the Icarus and the Kzin”

On Nuclear War in the Star Trek Universe

Nuclear war happened in the Star Trek universe. “Encounter at Farpoint” talks about the Post-Atomic Horror. Star Trek: First Contact tells us 600 million dead. But where? Asia and the Pacific Rim? Gone, reduced to radioactive slag. That makes sense, given what Q showed us of the court from the Post-Atomic Horror, and the factContinue reading “On Nuclear War in the Star Trek Universe”

On Quintin Stone

Here’s what I think would be an interesting way to play with Quintin Stone in Star Trek: New Frontier. A Rock and a Hard Place makes the point that Stone used to be a quiet, by-the-book officer, until the Prime Directive situation on Ianni that drove him over the edge and made him the rough-and-tumbleContinue reading “On Quintin Stone”