On Writing About Bloom County

Life is strange sometimes. This morning, I’m writing an article about Bloom County. Growing up in the 1980s, I loved Bloom County. Sadly, at the span of twenty years since its ending, I remember very little of its original run, except for the extended sequence of strips where Bob Woodward wrote an expose on theContinue reading “On Writing About Bloom County”

On the Latest Interview

I recently conducted via e-mail an interview with Tony Lee, the writer of IDW Publishing’s upcoming Doctor Who monthly comic book series. Lee is no stranger to Doctor Who. He wrote the six-issue series The Forgotten last year, and he has the special The Time Machination coming up later this month. He’s also written forContinue reading “On the Latest Interview”

On Missing Connections

The morning’s commute was an exercise in missed connections. The subway train pulled out just as I reached the platform. Making the connection from the subway to the light rail can be the matter of moments. Up one escalator, up another escalator, across the street, down a block and a half, across a four-lane highway,Continue reading “On Missing Connections”