On Baseball Excitement

Watching last night’s Cubs :cubs: game, this is how I felt: I’ve always said Charlie Brown was a Chicago Cubs fan, after all… 😉 It wasn’t just that Theodore Roosevelt Lilly (or as I saw him called on Bleed Cubbie Blue today, Maximus Tedimus Meridius) was back on the mound and threw shutout ball againstContinue reading “On Baseball Excitement”

On the Born Chicago Cubs Fan

I’ve thought for a long time that I was born to be Beatles fan. The reason? The number one song on the charts the day I was born was George Harrison’s “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth),” which followed (or was followed by) two weeks of Paul McCartney’s “My Love.” Between you andContinue reading “On the Born Chicago Cubs Fan”

On Completely Nerdy Knowledge

On Friday I mentioned how Snoopy made his annual report to the Head Beagle in a Peanuts strip that ran on Sunday the 4th of January, 1970. That date, it nagged me in the back of my mind yesterday and today. And then, this morning, I realized what’s so important about that date. I justContinue reading “On Completely Nerdy Knowledge”

On My Annual Report to the Head Beagle

Recently, I picked up Fantagraphics The Complete Peanuts Volume 10, which covers the adventures of Charlie Brown and the gang from 1969 and 1970. I was flipping through it leisurely, and on January 4, 1970, Snoopy received his annual questionnaire from the Head Beagle. Without further ado, here’s my annual report to Head Beagle onContinue reading “On My Annual Report to the Head Beagle”

On New Avatars

Look for Allyn Gibson around the ‘net, and chances are there’s a little South Park Allyn attached to the posting. Which is fine, but I’ve been using some variant on that venerable icon for a number of years. I needed a new look. I’d branched out maybe a year ago; I started using my name,Continue reading “On New Avatars”

On Video, Charlie Brown!

Charles Schulz’s Charlie Brown characters are some of the most visible pop-culture icons in the world today. The comic strip ran for fifty years and is being reprinted in a comprehensive edition by Fantagraphics. A series of forty-some animated specials have won multiple awards over the past forty years. Snoopy advertises MetLife. These characters areContinue reading “On Video, Charlie Brown!”

On the Wisdom of Sally Brown

My report today asks the question, “Where will it all end?” We all need a philosophy. My old philosophy was, “Whatever, Who cares? and How should I know?” Can a philosophy carry us through troubled times? What happens when our philosophy fails? We turn to that most ancient of desparate cries, “Mom!” The words ofContinue reading “On the Wisdom of Sally Brown”