On Summer

It hasn’t just been hot–temperates flirting in the triple digits–recently. No, it’s been positively sultry, too, in North Carolina. Heat on its own is fine. Humidity on its own isn’t fine, but it’s tolerable. Combine the two? Downright miserable. It’s bad enough that you need air conditioning in the car. I’m a roll-the-windows down kindContinue reading “On Summer”

On St. Patrick's Day

Overall, yesterday was dismal. Snow and sleet in the morning, changing over to rain by the afternoon. Precipitation fell all day. I wrote 2500 words yesterday, finishing up a story that had been in a stuck position for a few weeks. Surprisingly, the writing came easily, and after dinner I finished the writing. Then IContinue reading “On St. Patrick's Day”

On the Morning's Reflections

Rain, not snow, is the order for the day. North of Raleigh there might be a “wintry mix”–how I love that term, one I never heard living in Pennsylvania–but here temperatures will stay well above freezing all day. Roads today will be wet, not wild. Yesterday I stopped by Suncoast Video at the mall downContinue reading “On the Morning's Reflections”