The Shamrock Fest Schedule

Shamrock Fest is on Saturday in Washington, DC, on the grounds of RFK Stadium. I bought my ticket back in November, and today I saw the schedule. I already knew the line-up was a little on the thin side, with Shaggy and Sum 41 as the headliners. Looking at the schedule, I looks like I’mContinue reading “The Shamrock Fest Schedule”

On Allyn Gibson, As an Alcoholic Beverage

What is it about the writing profession that so many people have the mental image of us as drunkards? 🙂 That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a good drink, because I do. But I think I have a reputation as a hard drinking writer that isn’t truly earned. I haven’t poisoned my liverContinue reading “On Allyn Gibson, As an Alcoholic Beverage”

On the True Tale of St. Patrick’s Day

A year ago, I sent my niece a St. Patrick’s Day card. She was just four months old, so it wasn’t as though she could read it, but she’s my niece, I only have the one, and she should get cards from people who are related to her but who don’t feel avuncular. I wroteContinue reading “On the True Tale of St. Patrick’s Day”

On a Public Service

First, today is St. Patrick’s Day. Go forth, and drink responsibly. And maybe watch some Father Ted. 😀 Second, Doctor Who debuts tonight on the Sci-Fi Channel at 9, with its first episode, “Rose,” followed by the second episode, “The End of the World.” Go forth, and watch. If you think you know Doctor Who,Continue reading “On a Public Service”

On St. Patrick's Day

Overall, yesterday was dismal. Snow and sleet in the morning, changing over to rain by the afternoon. Precipitation fell all day. I wrote 2500 words yesterday, finishing up a story that had been in a stuck position for a few weeks. Surprisingly, the writing came easily, and after dinner I finished the writing. Then IContinue reading “On St. Patrick's Day”

Public Service Announcement

With St. Patrick’s Day nearly here, with Leprechaun Pooh sitting next to my computer, I offer the following piece of wisdom, hard earned through experience. Green beer is an interesting way to put one in an Irish mood. Don’t try it with Guinness. It won’t work. You simply cannot turn Guinness green. There is, naturally,Continue reading “Public Service Announcement”