A Cemetery in the Mountains

Last weekend I visited my parents in Lynchburg, Virginia, and this was only the second time I’d been there since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Having nowhere I needed to be in no specific hurry, on Friday I took a scenic route down through the Shenandoah Valley to Natural Bridge, then across Virginia Route 130 backContinue reading “A Cemetery in the Mountains”

(Mostly) Spontaneous Baseball Road-Tripping

Inside my shirt there was a beetle. I was driving south on Route 11, somewhere between New Market and Tenth Legion, traveling fifty-ish miles an hour, when I felt it crawling on my skin. Pitch black, 10:30 at night, no lights except for the occasional home or oncoming car and the glowing letters of theContinue reading “(Mostly) Spontaneous Baseball Road-Tripping”

Scenes from a Road Trip

For reasons I’m disinclined to share, I went on a somewhat unplanned road trip this weekend to Virginia. I use the word “somewhat” as I had a few hours to prepare for it, so I burned a few mix CDs for the drive and planned a trip that would take me through Richmond because IContinue reading “Scenes from a Road Trip”