Fun With Headlight Bulbs

This was my headlight bulb. Right before Shore Leave, my driver’s side low beams went out, and while I went to Advance Auto Parts on York Road to get a replacement, for deadlines and other reasons I didn’t install the bulb until the following Saturday, before I went to Camden Yards and briefly saw myContinue reading “Fun With Headlight Bulbs”

Scenes from a Road Trip

For reasons I’m disinclined to share, I went on a somewhat unplanned road trip this weekend to Virginia. I use the word “somewhat” as I had a few hours to prepare for it, so I burned a few mix CDs for the drive and planned a trip that would take me through Richmond because IContinue reading “Scenes from a Road Trip”

Replacing the Beetle — Starting Up a GoFundMe Fundraiser

My friend and companion through many adventures over eleven years, my Volkswagen Beetle made its last ride the week of Memorial Day. Now I need to replace it, and for help with that, I’ve started a GoFundMe campaign. Who are you? I’m Allyn Gibson, a writer. I’ve published some short fiction over the years, includingContinue reading “Replacing the Beetle — Starting Up a GoFundMe Fundraiser”

A Breakdown on the Expressway

This is a thing that happened. The Beetle broke down on 83 coming home tonight. I’d stayed at the office until almost seven working on the UK supplement, then headed home. Somewhere around Belfast Road, the Beetle seemed to be sluggish, underpowered. Near exit 31, on the long upcline, the console beeped at me andContinue reading “A Breakdown on the Expressway”