Marco Rubio, Marriage, and the Supreme Court

The composition of the Supreme Court, in my view, is the major issue of the 2016 presidential election. It’s possible that the next president will nominate between 2 and 4 justices. The conservative-leaning court we have now could, by 2020, lean liberal or be strongly conservative, based on who the next president is. This, ofContinue reading “Marco Rubio, Marriage, and the Supreme Court”

A Brokered Convention and the GOP’s Unforced Error

I don’t know what’s more insane — that the GOP establishment is contemplating schemes to deny Donald Trump the GOP presidential nomination or that they’re talking openly about those schemes eight months before the convention (and before any states have selected delegates to said convention). If this were coming from the media, I wouldn’t beContinue reading “A Brokered Convention and the GOP’s Unforced Error”

Embracing Refugees and Our Common Humanity

In the summer, I saw a link to a news article about the civil war happening right now in Yemen. I had known for a few months about the fighting there; the BBC World Service covered it on Newshour when it really kicked into gear in February. I was aware of it, I could tellContinue reading “Embracing Refugees and Our Common Humanity”

War with Jihadists and the Republican Outrage

Friday night, shortly after I got home from work, my mom called me. She wanted to know what was happening in Paris. My sister had called her, and since she was out and away from any news source, she thought I would know. I gave her a quick rundown of what I knew at theContinue reading “War with Jihadists and the Republican Outrage”

The Resignation of Boehner

Speaker of the House John Boehner has announced his intention to resign. A week ago, I speculated on his future prospects — House Republicans on his right flank were making noises about unseating him, and might he need Democratic votes to save his Speakership? The possibility of his resignation, mid-term, didn’t even occur to me;Continue reading “The Resignation of Boehner”

The Future of John Boehner

With a government shutdown looming — and potentially a debt ceiling showdown after that — John Boehner’s position as Speaker of the House may be on the line. A Republican Congressman from North Carolina has introduced a resolution to declare the Speaker’s chair vacant essentially as a warning to Boehner — “Cross us by ignoringContinue reading “The Future of John Boehner”

Is Captain Kirk a Republican?

The New York Times Magazine ran an interview with Ted Cruz yesterday. It’s an interview to promote his new book, but he segues into pop culture — Spider-Man, Star Wars, and Star Trek. While it’s interesting to read a sitting United States Senator talk about Darth Vader, it’s his Star Trek comments that have garneredContinue reading “Is Captain Kirk a Republican?”

Jeb Bush and Reckoning with the Iraq War

Now that the Iraq War — and why it happened — has been put back on the radar thanks to Jeb Bush, we need to keep an important fact in mind about how it happened. The whole “if we knew then what we know now” formulation that various Republicans are trying to flaot is besideContinue reading “Jeb Bush and Reckoning with the Iraq War”

The Republican Veneration of the Undead Reagan

Over the weekend, a reporter for CNN asked several actual and potential GOP presidential candidates a simple question — Who is the greatest living president? Let’s look at our choices. Which former presidents are still living? Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush. Who did Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, and Donald TrumpContinue reading “The Republican Veneration of the Undead Reagan”

More on Frum and the GOP in 2016

On Saturday, I wrote about a piece David Frum wrote for The Atlantic in whihc he discussed the lessons the can learn from David Cameron and the Tories. I called Frum’s piece “misguided,” as it seems to have been written in complete disregard for who today’s Republican Party is. “It’s as though Frum has neverContinue reading “More on Frum and the GOP in 2016”