The First Snow of the Season

Three hours. It took three hours to get home from work tonight. Diamond announced that they were closing at 4 o’clock today due to the inclement weather. I was close to wrapping a project at 4, and at 4:15 I dropped the text for a catalog section for January’s catalog on a desk in Purchasing.Continue reading “The First Snow of the Season”

Exploring Cemeteries in Cecil County

On April 14, 2018 I went to Cecil County and explored four cemeteries, looking for graves I knew about and graves I didn’t. I had been planning this for about two months, and you never know what you’ll find until you go and look. The roots of my dad’s family come from what I jokinglyContinue reading “Exploring Cemeteries in Cecil County”

On the Year That Was, 2017

With 2017 drawing to a close and 2018 about to begin, I decided to take a look back at 2016 and spotlight the best (or most significant) blog post of each month. John Hurt, a Reminisence – Sir John Hurt died, aged 77, of pancreatic cancer. I can’t say that what I wrote was profound,Continue reading “On the Year That Was, 2017”

Midnight in Pennsylvania

At midnight, my neighbors started shooting off guns. I assume it was neighbors. Maybe not my direct neighbors, but someone in the area. Maybe on the other side of the hill. The point is, someone right nearby started off the new year in style, with small arms fire. For myself, I’d been watching episodes ofContinue reading “Midnight in Pennsylvania”