On Shore Leave IV

Mystery Trekkie Theatre. It’s an annual tradition–Peter David, Mike Friedman, and Bob Greenberger play Mike and the ‘bots picking nits and making fun of Star Trek episodes. This year, they didn’t do a Trek episode. They dug up the 1964 Alexander the Great pilot, starring William Shatner and Adam West. Oh, the horror! The horror!Continue reading “On Shore Leave IV”

Appearances update

The Shore Leave convention has posted the weekend’s schedule. As previously noted, I will be hosting a Doctor Who panel celebrating the show’s fortieth anniversary, Sunday at 5 o’clock. Yesterday’s news that BBCi will be web-broadcasting a six-episode animated special starring Richard E. Grant as the Ninth Doctor gives me something new and interesting toContinue reading “Appearances update”

Stones and Glass

I should be worried. I knew the two baseball teams in Gotham City without having to look it up. I even knew which league each team is in. (For those of you wondering, Gotham City hosts the Monarchs, of the National League, and the Knights, of the American League. The Monarchs replaced the Griffins, whoContinue reading “Stones and Glass”

On Waiting for Frodo

Yesterday’s encounter in Barnes & Noble brings to mind a website I recommend checking out: waitingforfrodo.com. The site features an online comic strip entitled, as you might guess, Waiting for Frodo, written by Debbie Ridpath Ohi, about a young man named Sam who waited in line for 200-odd days for the release of the firstContinue reading “On Waiting for Frodo”