On What I Miss About Childhood

At times, I miss the smell… Of cow manure. In my childhood years, I lived in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. My elementary school, Linville-Edom, stood on a barely paved road in the midst of the valley's rolling farm country. Across the street was a farm. To either side of the school? Farms. And what was notableContinue reading “On What I Miss About Childhood”

On Random Questions for a Random Day

Memes are cheap content, so let’s do a meme! Stolen from Keith; I don’t think he’ll mind, or even notice… Do you have any pets?Kitty. That’s his name. Kitty. Name three things that are physically close to you.A glass of lemonade iced tea. Nail clippers. Hair of the Dog, the CD from Three Bonzos andContinue reading “On Random Questions for a Random Day”

On Favorite Characters In a Book

To my chagrin, I made it through college without ever having to read F. Scott Fitzgerald in an English course. I did, however, read Fitzgerald for my American history course. I had to write a paper on "Echoes of the Jazz Age," an essay where Fitzgerald used this memorable phrase to describe the 1920s —Continue reading “On Favorite Characters In a Book”