Baseball Night in Lynchburg

Last weekend I visited my parents in Lynchburg, Virginia. This had been in the planning since April, though the reason for the visit was rescheduled to three weeks earlier, which I couldn’t go, but I went anyway, and, when I was there, besides visiting a picturesque cemetery in the mountains, we took in a LynchburgContinue reading “Baseball Night in Lynchburg”

A Cemetery in the Mountains

Last weekend I visited my parents in Lynchburg, Virginia, and this was only the second time I’d been there since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Having nowhere I needed to be in no specific hurry, on Friday I took a scenic route down through the Shenandoah Valley to Natural Bridge, then across Virginia Route 130 backContinue reading “A Cemetery in the Mountains”

Daily Cloud: September 14

For reasons unknown, by persons unknown, a single slice pizza box has been left atop the mailboxes. A doughy sacrifice to the postal gods? A new method of delivering pizza “the final mile”? Will it remain there tomorrow? Why not? It’s already been there for days. Insofar as clouds go, there were none to speakContinue reading “Daily Cloud: September 14”

Writing My State Legislators

Last week I wrote letters to my Pennsylvania state legislators. Why? Because both were hopping mad that Governor Tom Wolf’s Department of Health had issued a statewide mask mandate in the schools to stem the rising tide of COVID-19 infections due to the Delta variant. They issued a press release. Like I said, hopping mad.Continue reading “Writing My State Legislators”