On New Website Changes

So, yeah, I’ve gone and redone the website. Again. Call it boredom. I’m just never happy with how the website looks. Why Stonehenge? I don’t know. And it’s based on the Kubrick WordPress theme, and I generally don’t like Kubrick. It doesn’t speak to me. Yet, for some reason, Stonehenge and the purple background worked.Continue reading “On New Website Changes”

On Recent Search Phrases

Stat time once more! Here’s a random factoid. In the past two weeks, which is what the server report I pulled this morning covers, twice as many people accessed The World According to Allyn with Windows 3.1 machines as by Amiga machines. I’m just amazed there are people out there, doing the Internet-thing, with WindowsContinue reading “On Recent Search Phrases”

On More WordPress Work

It’s a Sunday, so that means “Let’s mess around with WordPress!” Today was no exception. Changes were made, but they’re nothing that you, readers, would see. Rather, I installed two new plug-ins that make changes on the backend that I see when I write posts, approve comments, and the like. The one front-end change IContinue reading “On More WordPress Work”